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nuwara eliya


May You Be Blessed With Long Life

We warmly welcome you to the “Denithru Holidays” and also to the small miracle of Asia – Sri Lanka.

DenithRu Holidays is a Destination Management Center based in one of the fascinating tourist city Bentota Sri Lanka.The team DenithRu Holidays is well experienced in both Hotel & travel agency management over 12 years.The multi lingual national guides and chauffeur guides are well educated about the Sri Lanka’s history, traditions & customs and will be shared with you all in details.

With the latest tourism sector development, DenithRu Holidays was created to give an unforgettable experience to the customers. The company has a very good base in incoming traffic from India, the Middle East as of now.
Also, the company has significant numbers coming in as repeat clients after experiencing our valuable and unforgettable services. We are one of the very few companies that have a very close relationship with most of the hotels in Sri Lanka.

Right now the company has its own Vans and Cars to manage our Tours. we place our company as a small company. The advantage of working with a small company is that we are looking into every little detail in your itinerary and providing personalized service for all our customers. Right now our team is dedicated to developing our company and looking at every possibility to work hard and give the highest possible service to all our customers.
We are a rapidly growing company and working with a great dedication to make this a successful Tour Operator in the country within coming years.

Sri Lanka’s proud history of over 2500 years and the breathtaking diversity scenery will capture your heart & soul. Sri Lanka is the only place which thrills your Eye,Ear, Tongue & nose at ones.

Small Miracle In The World

Sri Lanka has been named as one of the top destination in the world for travellers by many international inspection reports based on its peaceful conditions after the end of 30years civil war in the parts of eastern & northern.

Sri Lanka is very famous for Sun Bronzed beaches , Sanctuaries for wild life in tropical jungles , Ruined Cities , Lagoons , Mountains , Gems , Lakes , Water Falls , Tea Plantations , Spices , Adventures and many more….

Not only these facts and also for the best hospitality treatments you get here with always smiling peoples around the country.

Feel The Difference….

We invite all the travellers in the world for the beautiful Island of Sri Lanka for your Leisure , Vacation , Conferences or Meetings , Wedding Parties/Honeymoon/Anniversary Celebrations and many others.Feel the Difference travel to Sri Lanka.

Please Contact “DenithRu Holidays” for your all travel needs and we will make them a reality.